Top 10 facts about Sherlock Holmes

1. The only fictional character portrayed in more films than Sherlock Holmes is Dracula.

2. Sherlock Holmes Baffled was his first film, a 30-second silent spoof made in the US in 1900.

3. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, was also a ship’s surgeon, a boxer, Deputy Lieutenant of Surrey and a first-class cricketer.

4. He was also responsible for popularising skiing in Switzerland.

5. Conan Doyle chose the name Sherlock in honour of Nottingham cricketers Sherwin and Shacklock. Originally it was Sherringford Holmes.6. Conan Doyle played 10 first-class matches for the MCC. His batting average was 19.25 but his only wicket as a bowler was that of WG Grace.

7. In the 1969 Oxford-Cambridge chess match, players named Holmes and Watson both won their games for Oxford.

8. Holmes often said “elementary” and “My dear Watson” but never “Elementary my dear Watson.”

9. The Sherlock Holmes Museum, officially at 221b Baker Street, London, is actually at number 239.

10. Dr Watson’s first name is John but his wife calls him James in The Man With the Twisted Lip.


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